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Group Meetings

Group Meetings

Text Box: Oct 12 - undergrads and new students present about their goals
Oct 19 - mechanisms and problems (Matt Hammill)
Oct 26 - mechanisms and problems (Lidya Salim)
Nov 2 - literature presentation (Matt, Lidya and Ben)
Nov 9 - mechanisms and problems (Ben Jones)
Nov 16 - literature presentation (Autumn, Hafsah, Ayushi, and Maria)
Nov 23 - research presentation (Matt, Lidya, and Ben)
Nov 30 - research presentation (Autumn, Hafsah, Ayushi, and Maria)

For literature presentation, select an article from the literature related to your project, and develop a  10 minute presentation about it.  Summarize key findings.  
For research presentation, 15 minutes for grad students.  10 minutes for undergraduates.

Group Meeting Schedule for the Fall 2017 will occur in UL1 on Thursdays from 12-1 pm

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