Current Lab Members

Dr. Andrea Kirkwood
Andrea Kirkwood completed a joint-honours degree in Environment and Resource Studies & Biology (Co-op) at the University of Waterloo, and a Master's degree in Aquatic Ecology at McMaster University. Andrea's Master's work assessed seasonal mercury accumulation in phytoplankton, and the effects of whole-lake biomanipulation on algal community structure. Andrea's doctoral work at the University of Toronto focused on the ecophysiological role of cyanobacteria in pulp and paper waste-treatment systems. Postdoctoral work involved diverse research projects on microbial extremophiles (Oklahoma State University) and periphyton communities across longitudinal gradients (University of Calgary). Currently, Andrea is an Assistant Professor in the Faculty of Science at UOIT, where she has been ramping up a research program in aquatic ecology and algal biotechnology.

Kevin Stemmler (M.Sc. Candidate 2013)
Kevin graduated from UOIT with a B.Sc. in Environmental Toxicology in 2010. After working for a year, Kevin decided to come back to UOIT to pursue a M.Sc. degree in Applied Bioscience. Building from his interests in algal biotechnology, Kevin is investigating the potential use of wastewater algae for biofuel feedstock production.

Rebecca Massimi
Rebecca Massimi (Lab manager, Durham College Biotechnology Technologist Candidate 2012)
Rebecca started as a placement student in the summer of 2011 and is now continuing her invaluable role in the lab as part-time lab manager while she completes her last year at Durham College in the Biotechnology Technologist program. Rebecca works on a variety of projects, performing various lab analyses and the isolation and culture of algae.

                    Vincent Jennifer Vincent (RA Summer 2011, B.Sc. Candidate in Biological Science 2012)
Jennifer is performing both field and lab research to investigate the water quality characteristics of urban stormwater ponds.  Additionally, Jennifer will be assessing the phytoplankton communities of these ponds as they relate to environmental parameters for her fourth-year honours thesis project.

Courtney Phinney Courtney Phinney (RA Summer 2011, B.Sc. Candidate in Biological Science 2012)
Courtney performed both field and lab research to investigate the water quality characteristics of urban stormwater ponds. She is currently conducting a directed studies project investigating Didymosphenia geminata in Ontario rivers.

  Lab Alumni

Nicolas Gilbert (M.Sc. Graduate Student 2009-11)
Nicolas graduated with a B.Sc. in Biological Sciences at UOIT in 2009, and completed a M.Sc. in Applied Bioscience at UOIT in August, 2011. His master’s work investigated the role of urban wetland community structure and function in contaminant fate. Nicolas is currently pursuing a career in environmental science, and spends most of his spare time playing drums for the heavy metal band Dysphraxia.

Nicole Suss (Summer RA 2009 & 2010)
Nicole completed her Bachelor degree in Biological Science at UOIT in May, 2010, and recently graduated from the Bachelor of Education program at UOIT.  Nicole performed both lab and field work during her two stints as a Research Assistant in the Kirkwood Lab.  Nicole hopes to incorporate her hands-on research experience to her teaching curriculum when she becomes a high school science teacher.

Future Students

If you have a keen interest in the research areas of the Aquatic Ecology and Biotechnology lab @ UOIT, including the desire to perform field and lab work, please contact Dr. Kirkwood.  

Due to limited funding available, prospective students and post-doctoral fellows are strongly encouraged to apply for scholarships and fellowships.