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This course examines the major chemical pollutants: their sources, the environmental reactions they undergo, and how they become distributed throughout the environment. Topics will be chosen from the major environmental toxicants: pesticides, natural products, inorganics, and industrial chemicals. The course explores the principal means of chemical and biological degradation of toxicants, and the processes by which chemicals move, concentrate, and dissipate. The details of the chemistry occurring in the atmosphere of the earth are examined.

This course focuses on expanding what is learned from CHEM 4110U, and applying it to biological systems.  Focuses will include nucleic acid chemistry, applications of nucleic acids, small molecules as probes in chemical biology, and generation of chemical biology proposal.

This course examines the application of advanced synthetic methodologies used in modern organic synthesis. Emphasis will be placed on the use of retrosynthetic analysis, stereochemical control, chemoselectivity, and protection/deprotection schemes

Environmental Chemistry (CHEM 4050U)

Advanced Topics in Chemical Biology (CHEM 4120U)

Advanced Organic Chemistry (CHEM 3120U)


This course examines the structure, function and synthesis of various biological macromolecules, including peptides, proteins, nucleic acids, carbohydrates, and other unnatural scaffolds. Pharmaceutical implications and applications to chemical biology will also be discussed.

Bio-Organic Chemistry and Chemical Biology (CHEM 4110U)

This is a required course designed to provide a foundation for the graduate program in Applied Bioscience. The course will provide students with current background knowledge and skills needed for research in applied bioscience and will expose students to current issues and problems that this area of research may target. The course will introduce such topics as principles of experimental design, data interpretation and analysis of results and how to present and communicate scientific information in both oral and written formats. Students will also learn about the grant and scholarship process and how to write a research proposal and they will be introduced to such issues as research ethics and intellectual property

Research in Applied Bioscience (APBS 6010G)

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