Principal Investigator

Brad Easton

Professor of Chemistry

Research Excellence Chair in Electrochemical Energy Materials

Ph.D., B.Sc. (Memorial University of Newfoundland)

Brief Bio

Google Scholar Profile 

Graduate Students

Richard Acheampong

MSc Candidate

BSc. (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, 2014)

Reseach Project: Durability of sulfonated silica-based fuel cell electrodes 

Veronica Cavallari

MSc Candidate

BSc (UOIT 2016)

Thesis Title: Understanding the role of carbon morphology in ceramic carbon electrodes

Sydney Cobourn

PhD Candidate

BSc (UOIT 2015)

Thesis Project: Electrochemical kinetics in CuCl/HCl electrolysis in the presence of contaminants.

Holly Fruehwald

PhD Student

BSc (UOIT 2017)

Project title: N-functionalized surfaces for electrochemical energy systems

* Co supervised with Prof. Olena Zenkina.

Postdoctoral Fellows

Reza Alipour

Postdoctoral Fellow

PhD (Polytecnico di Torino, 2016), MSc (University Putra Malaysia, 2010), BSc. (Islamic Azad University, 2004)

Project title: Durability of novel fuel cell electrode structures

Reza Moghaddam

Postdoctoral Fellow

BSc. (Urmia University 2003), MSc. (K.N.Toosi University of Technology, 2006) , PhD (Memorial University, 2013)

Research project:  Improving the performance of ceramic carbon electrodes in fuel cells.

Undergraduate Students

Rana Ahmad

4th year Honors thesis student

4th year Chemistry Student at UOIT

Project title: Multi-colored electrochromic films 

* Co supervised with Prof. Olena Zenkina.

Sulaiman Torakhel

undergraduate lab assistant

4th year Chemistry Student at UOIT

Project title: durability of metal oxide-based catalyst supports 

Completed Theses and Group Alumni

NameJoinedCompletedCurrent Position
Jade Poisson 2017 Honor's Thesis 2018 MSc Student, UBC
Paoloa Piavano 2018 Visiting student MSc Student, Politecnio di Torinio (Italy)
Mason Sullivan 2017 Undergrad research assistant MSc Student, UOIT
Jacquelyn Egan 2017 Undergrad research assistant MSc Student, UOIT
Jesse Allan 2016 PDF 2017 Chemist - LANXESS, Scarborough, ON
Christopher Odetola 2013 PhD 2017 Research Scientist, Cosmetica Labs, Toronto, ON
Heather Geoffrey 2016 Honor's Thesis 2017 Radiation Technologist, Ontario Ministry of Labour
Rebecca Randle  2016 Visiting student

PhD student, University of Edinburgh

Lukas Gierlichs  2016 Visiting student Chemistry MSc student, Cardiff University (UK)
Foroughazam Afsahi 2016 PDF 2016 Research Scientist, Ballard Power, Vancouver, BC
Mohammadreza Ghavidel 2012 PhD 2016 PDF, Université du Québec à Montréal and McGill University
Veronica Cavallari 2015 Honor's Thesis 2016 MSc Student, UOIT
Holly Fruehwald 2016 Undergrad research assistant MSc student, UOIT
Valerie Bartlett 2016 Undergrad research assistant Research Scientist, National Research Council, Ottawa, ON
Jesse Allan 2010 PhD 2016 Chemist - LANXESS, Scarborough, ON
O'Rian Reid 2013 MSc 2015 Research Scientist, Nano One, Vancouver, BC 
Naser Abdo 2013 MSc 2015 Chemist, Canada Food Inspection Agency, Calgary, AB
Dana Frackelton 2014 Undergrad research assistant  N/A
Dr. Ranganathan Santhanam 2013 2015 SEM Technician Research Chemist, Ontario Power Generation
Jennie Eastcott 2009 PhD 2014 Research Scientist, Hydrogenics, Mississauga, ON
Dr. Mohammad Rahman 2012 PDF 2014 Senior Analytical Chemist, Biolyse Pharma
Dr. Farhana Saleh 2011 PDF 2014 Senior Analytical Chemist, Biolyse Pharma
Heather Geoffrey 2014 Undergrad research assistant Radiation Technologist, Ontario Ministry of Labour
Stephanie Mavilla 2011 MSc 2014 Instructor, UOIT
Patrick Edge 2010 MSc 2013 Technical Representative – Eastern Canada, TA Instruments 
Laura Prest 2009 MSc 2011 Research Scientist, Alcohol Countermeasure Systems Corp.
Dr. Malika Ammam 2010 PDF 2012 Assistant Professor & Rosalind Franklin Fellow, University of Groningen
O'Rian Reid 2011 Honor's Thesis 2013 Research Scientist, Nano One, Vancouver, BC 
Laura Duffin 2011 Honor's Thesis 2012 Lab Manager and Lead Chemist, Santo Cabo, Mexico
Kaitlyn Yarrow 2010 Honor's Thesis 2011 Teacher, Durham Region
Kathryn Navarro 2009 Honor's Thesis 2010 Student recruitment officer, UOIT
Jesse Allan 2009 Honor's Thesis 2010 Chemist - LANXESS, Scarborough, ON
Andrew Pedersen 2008 Honor's Thesis 2010

Technical Sales at NORAM Engineering, Vancouver, BC 

Nicole De Almeida 2008 MSc. 2010 R&D Chemist, Actlabs
Dr. Ranganathan Santhanam 2008 PDF 2010 Research Chemist, Ontario Power Generation
Amanda Northcott 2007 Honor's Thesis 2009 High School Teacher, Alberta
Allen Pauric 2008 Honor's Thesis 2009 Applications Scientist, ScienceTech Inc. 
Jennie Eastcott 2007 Honor's Thesis 2008 Research Scientist, Hydrogenics, Mississauga, ON
Tara Andrusiak 2007 Undergrad research assistant Physician, Vancouver

Join the Group

Individuals interested in joining the group should contact me directly.

I am currently accepting highly qualified graduate students starting Fall/Winter 2018 in the MSc and PhD Materials Science programs. I am looking for students with a strong background in chemistry. Stipends will be competitive with those offered at other Canadian Universities.

Interested students are invited to contact me directly. Please indicate if you are a domestic candidate (Canadian citizen or have Permanent Resident status is Canada) or an international candidate as this will impact funding.