SSHRC Project: Students as Performance Mathematicians

I am a co-investigator with George Gadanidis (UWO), Marcelo Borba (UNESP, Brazil), Susan Gerofsky (UBC), and Cornelia Hoogland (UWO).

The research objective is to explore the concept of students as “performance mathematicians”. The initial research questions are:

  1. how might classroom mathematical ideas and experiences be structured to increase their performative potential?
  2. how might  (a) performance arts methods and  (b) digital communication affordances (like the multimodal nature of new media and the read/write capabilities of wikis) be used by students for organizing and expressing the mathematical ideas they seek to communicate to one another and to the wider world?

We intend to create a parallel between the classroom focus on performance and the methods and methodology of our research, by relying on performance ethnography methods (Denzin, 2003, 2006; Dicks, Mason, Coffey & Atkinson, 2005; Madison, 2006; McCall, 2000).