Online Mentoring with Tanzania

This qualitative study involves Grade 4-6 students in Tanzania, their teachers and teacher candidates from The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT).  The study explores what happens in an online community where teachers, teacher candidates and students work collaboratively to participate in an array of literacy activities, including digital poetry, online literature circles, and writing tasks.  This project will also examine the role of an online mentor in working with students in an online community and classroom context.  The specific research questions include:

  • What type of literacy experiences does the online mentoring project offer junior students?
  • How do students use new media and ICTs to engage in literacy experiences such as poetry and response writing and exploring and creating digital performances?
  • How do teacher candidates meet the challenge of online teaching?
  • How do students’ attitudes towards new media evolve over the three months of the project?

This project is a continuation of last year’s research in the area of online mentoring and digital poetry.  The project will expand to include a critical literacy approach to teaching and learning poetry.  It is also being extended to include a number of numeracy activities, focusing on digital mathematical performances in collaboration with Borba, Gadanidis, Gerofsky, and Hoogland.