"Where We’re From”:  An Examination of the Literacy Stories of PJ Preservice Teachers

I am examining the literacy stories/histories of K-6 preservice teachers.  Last year the literacy stories formed the cornerstone of the program and became a constant frame of reference for us all.  They also positioned teacher candidates as producers of knowledge rather than consumers and prompted them to think about literacy in broader terms.  These literacy stories are important steps in the process that teacher candidates undergo in helping them to recognize and identify their own assumptions about literacy and literacy teaching.  They also help the teacher candidates to recognize the importance of understanding their own literacy stories in order that they might better understand the literate lives of their students. What makes this research original in its contribution to the body of literature in this area is our focus not only on what the teacher candidates say about their language arts experiences and how these might shape their own teaching , but also on how the stories are told.