IT Security Reading Group (IT-SRG) - Summer 2011

The IT Security Reading Group (IT-SRG) is a group of UOIT students (graduate and senior undergraduate) and faculty interested in computer security and privacy. We meet for critical review and discussion of current security research papers. This term, we will focus on selected 2011 papers from IEEE Oakland, CHI, and INFOCOM. See below for the schedule. All interested faculty and students are invited to join by contacting Julie Thorpe (firstname.lastname at

The IT-SRG provides a venue for faculty and students to review recent work and discuss new ideas for security research, and for students to:


*Note that the time and location will be announced through the mailing list (to join, please contact Julie Thorpe).
Date Paper Conference Discussion Lead
May 26 Of Passwords and People: Measuring the Effect of Password-Composition Policies by Komanduri et al. CHI 2011 Jeff Hickson
June 2 APPLAUS: A Privacy-Preserving Location Proof Updating System for Location-based Services by Zhu et al. INFOCOM 2011 Xiaodong Lin
June 9 No discussion to be held. -- --
June 16 Two CHI notes: (1) A Diary Study of Password Usage in Daily Life by Hayashi et al. and (2) Exploring Implicit Memory for Painless Password Recovery by Denning et al. CHI 2011 Julie Thorpe
June 23 Toward Automated Detection of Logic Vulnerabilites in Web Applications by Felmetsger et al. USENIX Security 2010 Xiaodong Lin
June 30 Mobile Security Catching Up? - Revealing the nuts and bolts of the security of mobile devices by Becher et al. IEEE Oakland 2011 TBD
July 7 MARASIM: A Novel Jigsaw Based Authentication Scheme Using Tagging by Khot et al. CHI 2011 Zahid Dhanani
July 14 Automated Analysis of Security-Critical JavaScript APIs by Taly et al. IEEE Oakland 2011 Ricardo Rodriguez Garcia
July 21 I Still Know What You Visited Last Summer: User interaction and Side-channel Attacks on Browsing History by Weinberg et al. IEEE Oakland 2011 Julie Thorpe
July 28 Security through a different kind of obscurity: Evaluating Distortion in Graphical Authentication Schemes by Hayashi et al. CHI 2011 Robert Burden
August 4 Using Fingerprint Authentication to Reduce System Security: An Empirical Study by Wimberly et al. IEEE Oakland 2011 Julie Thorpe

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