PBL Course 2007

PBL Storyboard

PBL Problems


Faculty of Education
EDUC 3460U Problem Based Learning
(Elective, Winter)
Instructor Name: Dr. Roland vanOostveen
Office: UB3052
Class Time: Thursday 7-10pm
Office Hours: By appointment or during open office hours on Tuesdays (12-2) or
Thursdays (12-2)
Phone: (905) 721-3111 ext. 2657
Email: Inside the WebCT VISTA course only
Course Description
The course introduces an approach to teaching that focuses on the value of learning from real
and meaningful activities. Candidates will learn to find and structure activities around the kind of
“illdefined” problem that faces professionals in their work and they will learn to use these
activities as the basis for promoting self-directed inquiry.
Learning Outcomes
The focus of this course is to introduce you to important issues that help define the field of
problem-based learning and to initiate or sustain you in the development of a program of lifelong
learning in the field. More specifically, you will:
1. Define key concepts and domains in the field of problem-based learning;
2. Examine theories of learning and instruction, exploring implications, advantages,
3. Explore contemporary issues in problem-based learning;
4. Investigate significant publications regarding problem-based learning including a variety
of standards;
5. Explore a variety of problem-based models;
6. Examine the potential and limitations of problem-based learning;
7. Collaboratively develop a bank of problems that students might explore;
8. Collaboratively develop a storyboard and presentation describing a rich, ‘real world’
Specific Enabling Tasks
1. Presentation of Analysis of Computer Program/System
2. Moderating the Database and Discussion Facilitator
3. Storyboard Presentation
4. Readings and Participation