Horace, 2K years ago, claimed in his Satires:
Who, then, is free? A man that has full command of himself,
Whom poverty, death, or chains cannot terrify,
Who is strong enough to defy his passions and scorn
Prestige, who is wholly contained in himself, well rounded,
Smooth as a sphere on which nothing external can fasten...

Who, then, is into AI? A person that has full command of Python,
Whom embeddings, bias, or variance cannot terrify,
Whose hold of deep learning APIs defies his passions and scorn
Cloud services, who is wholly contained in TensorFlow, as Keras,
Smooth as automatic differentiation on which activations rejoice...

I am a Professor of Computer Science at Ontario Tech University. I have a PhD (Computer Science) from Carleton University, a Master's degree (Electrical Engineering) from CINVESTAV del IPN, and a Bachelor of Science (Computer Science) from UAA. I am a licenced Professional Engineer in the Province of Ontario and CEO of PHractal.ca. My research focuses mainly on computer authentication paradigms and the use of phenomena of the human mind via physiological feedback (e.g., brain-computer interfaces) as well as proven techniques from the psychology field. In the process, I touch upon multi-objective optimization and evolutionary computation. Most significantly, the use and reliance on machine learning over the past decades have shaped me into a data scientist and a user of AI who applies the scientific method in combination with machine learning algorithms and feature engineering techniques supported by Python along with TensorFlow and Keras, to make sense of large data sets from the real-world, and tune up data models in response to data changes over time to make the right decisions. Dormant areas which lost traction for a number of reasons include network steganography in the form of Wi-Fi hidden-channels, adaptive online learning systems, and combating internet child exploitation.

I'm a runner and cyclist, an Ironman, and multiple intramural soccer and squash champion. In my sidetrack acting pursuit, I've performed scripted roles in the movie "Saving Dinah", short film "Finding Jack", and voice over in the musical "Am I pretty now?". I love playing music, reading, and taking MOOC courses. My best spent time though, by far, is with family: wife and kids.